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Inspired by Colors, Shapes and Forms.

Ockreation has been in the visual arts for a number of years now. Colors, Shapes, and Forms are an aspect of Art that influences the way we perceive the world, the way we feel and the choices we make. They are also an act of communication, often tailored to the an artist’s own psyche, culture and background or that of the world he/she perceives connecting to whoever the viewer may be. For centuries people have been using Color, Shape, and Form  compositions to create stories.

“Elegance from the Delta I” is a Gouache colour on canvased paper painting measuring 80cm × 45cm and it is rendered in stylised form. The painting depicts a lady putting on a blouse and ties a loincloth. She also ties a headgear and has beads strung around her neck and left wrist. Both arms are raised; this right behind her headgear and the left, positioned in front of her, holding a hand fan. Her attire is no doubt captivating as she poses elegantly. This attire is evident among the women from the Niger-Delta area of Nigeria; Isoko and Urhobo women to be precise. Geometric shapes have been used at the background of this figure and yellow is seen as a predominant colour. A series of coloured lines have been used in creating tones, forming major parts of the painting. 

“Chief Dr. Roland Oritsejafor” is a bust piece rendered in naturalistic style of the one time Minister of State for Defence of Nigeria. The piece cast in fibre glass measures 32cm on a base 11.5cm × 13cm and great attention was paid to formation of draperies. The piece is patinated in burnt umber auto base paint. 

The Maidens’ Dance” is a Gouache colour on canvased paper painting measured at 74cm × 51cm. The painting depicts three Maidens dancing and it is done in naturalistic style. The beautiful young African maidens are on green, red and purple short loincloths. They are also with cloths small enough to cover their busts and ropes around their heads. They are adorn with earrings, necklaces, small bells around one of the lady’s shin and the others around their ankles. These young ladies also have beads strung around their wrists and waists as they clap their hands and dance barefooted moving their hips to the rhythm of a song and beats. Yellow lines have been used in creating designs at the background of the figures as well as the foreground, symbolising the sun and that happiness, youthful and spontaneity of Maidens. Purple lines have also been used in creating at the background, symbolic of the youthful pride, ambitious, creativity and extravagance associated with young, beautiful African Maide